Emerald City Blues

by C.D. Woodbury

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January 15th

I have to delay ECB for a while. I just accepted a job that will take me out of the area for at least four months. I have two weeks to prepare, and I'll just be shifting my day to day living, not completely "moving" per se, but probably it will take just as much work.

December 15th

While Charlie has been laid off, I have actually returned to the gaming world for a couple of weeks, at least. It and the holidays have put a strain on timely updates to this page, but I'm not giving up. Happy Holiday Season everyone.

November 15th

I am always experimenting. This time my goal was to pencil, letter, ink and scan this strip in 4 hours or less. (my usual average is about 15) Probably the biggest reason is that I have been using my drawing time to work on a project for "Tales of the Tai Pan Universe" that I'm rather proud of so far.

A few things that I learned with this strip: I can complete one like this in four hours, but I'm a long way from getting the art where I want it. My hand lettering for this one was so terrible that I redid it in Photoshop, which took about another 30 minutes or so. I'm still a long ways off from doing dailies or even semi-weeklies, and it reinforces my respect for those who can do it at a high standard.

November 1st

I was working on something completely different strip for today when one of my friends on a mailing list mentioned how many kids swarmed his house for Halloween every year, and I had none after investing in two bags of candy. Suddenly I had to draw this.

HEY!! Waddya think of this space? So far the only comment to my forum has been from my sister. *thok thok* Is this thing on? :)
October 15th:
A new beginning. I've felt for the past ten months that this has been stream of consciousness pictures searching for a story. Well, now I'm trying new art,new storytelling, and hopefully more frequent updating of this site. I hope you enjoy the improvements.

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